Oporto Boavista Clinic

Covid 19 Info

Thanks in advance for reading the following notices:

Rules and protocols to be adopted by our Patients

Scheduling appointments

All appointments will be confirmed in advance by phone call;
We will conduct a questionnaire that will serve as a preliminary screening;
We ask everyone to understand so that there are no delays in the appointment times;
You must attend the appointment with a mask, but if at all it is not possible we will provide one.

In the Clinic

Avoid coming to the consultation with companions, except for children, the weakest people, or similar;
We ask you to comply and respect the rules and instructions given to you by the clinical staff;
The entire clinical staff will have postures and protections quite different from what was normal before Covid 19, so don't be surprised;
These rules and protocols aim to guarantee your and our security;
This way it will be completely safe to attend the appointment.

Procedures in the clinic

You will be asked to:

Mandatory hand hygiene at entry and exit;
Mandatory use of mask;
Leave coats at the entrance all. If you bring shopping bags or similar, you will also have to leave them in this area.
Unnecessary companions are also waiting in this area.
All personal property; wallets, documents, etc. will be kept in a box for our care that will be delivered to you on departure.  
Comply with respiratory rules
Respect social distance (about 2m)
Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily
Regarding payment, we give preference to payment by ATM

These Standards are in accordance with the recommendations of the DGS (Direcção Geral de Saude)