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Endodontics Center Presentation

Since the foundation of Oporto Boavista Clinic, in addition to the so-called normal cases, we have solved numerous cases of high complexity in the area of Endodontics. In addition to the treatments in patients who come to us, many of these cases are referred by colleagues who ask us for help to solve in a specialized way these problems.

From this continuous cooperation, we felt the need to promote and widespread this kind of service to other colleagues who may benefit from it.

As it stands, we decided to launch Oporto Endodontics Center (OEC), an advanced endodontics department, that may contribute in an organized way to improve the endodontic care of your patients.

We value the communication between our center and our colleagues since the beginning of the process until the patient’s return to its original clinic in order to make the patients feel supported and reassured of the quality of treatment provided either by OEC and the referring colleague.

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