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Endodontic Center - Info

Endodontics Center Goals

To dentists and clinics:
Allow the colleagues who dont have an advanced endodontics center available to offer quality endodontics treatment to their patients. Offering them solutions to major complexity cases in advantjous conditions to the patient and to the original clinic. 

To general audience:

To Diagnose and establish prognosis according to the latest scientifical knowledge available and to the great expertise of the clinical team. This way the patient will be informed in a simple and objective manner of the difficulty of his condition and the possibility of solving his problem, avoiding the loss of natural tooth, that would be inevitable in other way.

Complementary Treatments

Exceptionally if expressly requested by referring dentists, other treatments outside the endodontic scope, such as the rehabilitation of the root canal treated tooth or others treatments may be performed.


OEC Intervention Areas:

Differential diagnosis
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Retreatment
Calcified Root Canal Management
Immature Root Canal Treatment
Broken instrument removal
Tooth resorption Treatment
Endodontic Microsurgery
Dental Trauma

Advanced Technology

Clinical Microscopy
Custom surgical dental loupes
CBCT, Digital Radiology, Orthopantomography, Teleradiography
Engine-driven nickel titanium instrumentation
Thermoplastic obturation
Use of bioceramic materials, or similar

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